January 3, 2016


Hey Everyone!
Ever since we moved into our apartment, I have been dying just to decorate the whole entire thing. Well, decorating a small apartment, or even a house takes time. And I've actually found it more fun taking my time with it, it makes the whole process last longer!
I love going to a store or going online and finding one item to add to our apartment.
Our apartment is small, like less than 500 square feet small. Eli and I have noticed that we 1. have a lot of stuff and 2. we really need to organize said stuff. So here are a few things I want to get very soon to help keep the apartment not looking like an unorganized mess.

Funny thing is, I used to have this bookshelf! It's currently in storage in South Carolina right now because it wouldn't fit in my car. For $100, you can't beat it! It has a tons of cubbies to put whatever you want in it! I've used it horizontally and it made a perfect TV stand and bookshelf.  
I think this bookshelf looks so cool and would be perfect to hold extra kitchen essentials like mixing bowls or wine glasses and would be great for storing cookbooks. It's also only $50! 
We have a coffee table in our living room now but I love the way this accent table from Target looks! It would just add even more space for books, magazines or candles. 
Our bedroom is really weird and does not have any lights in the ceiling. So we've been using a lamp which is NBD. I do want to get another night stand for the bedroom so we can put another lamp on it to get some more light. This one from Ikea is only $40 and is such a steal! 
We also have very little storage in our bathroom which is also where our washer/dryer is. This storage shelf from Ikea goes over the toilet and works great for extra towels, storage containers, and any other items that won't fit in our drawers (like all of my straighteners, curling irons, hairdryers, the list can go on).
Living in a small space really requires you to get creative! And stay tuned, an apartment tour will be coming up soon! Have a great rest of your week and thanks for reading!