January 3, 2016


I am all about a style deal! I love finding items basic items that are around 10 bucks and even really nice items, like the coats above, for less than $100!
Here I listed some splurge vs. steals of J. Crew vs. Forever 21. It's kind of crazy how similar the items look, for a fraction of the price! I love Forever 21, but sometimes it always seems to have been a hit or miss for me. I go in the store and "meh" find maybe two tops. But when I was looking at they're new arrivals a few days ago, WOW was I impressed. Such cute coats and sweaters and for a reasonable price too.

 $98 / / Steal $17.80  
Splurge $365 / / Steal $52.90  
Splurge $88 / / Steal $19.90  
Splurge $298 / / Steal $29.90  
Splurge $120 / / Steal $24.90  
Splurge $165 / / Steal $15.90 
Splurge $45 / / Steal $10.80  
I definitely have more luck shopping online than I do in the store. Everything online is organized and you can find exactly what you're looking for.
But, I will have to pick up a stripped turtle neck from Forever 21 soon, it's $10.80 and comes in five different colors!
Let me know if you guys have found any awesome style deals from Forever 21 lately.
Thanks for reading