January 5, 2016


6 Totally Doable New Years Resolutions http://www.postgradandgingham.com

Hi everyone! Welcome to my new site. I decided to move PG&G from Wordpress to Blogger. Anyways, I hope y'all had a great Christmas and New Years! 
So, New Year, new resolutions. 2016 is a difficult year for me because it's the first year I'm out of college (yikes). When making resolutions I would always revolve them around school; make better grades, don't procrastinate, go to the library every day, stuff like that. So when thinking about my New Years resolutions for this year I was stumped. 
So after doing a little brainstorming I came up with six resolutions. I wanted to make resolutions that obviously I would want to keep and ones that I knew I could keep. They're not requiring me to completely change my lifestyle either. 

Eat breakfast every morning:
I have always been the worst breakfast eater. I never eat breakfast and then around 10 I'm dying from being so hungry. And I think to myself, "wow, why am I so hungry".... The reason I'm so bad at eating breakfast is because I'm always too lazy to make it. I never want to get up twenty minutes earlier to heat up a bagel or make eggs, I'd rather spend those twenty minutes in bed. However, I've found several recipes on my Pinterest for make the night before breakfasts! Insert the praise hands emoji. I will definitely keep y'all posted on how they turn out too!
 Do y'all have any quick and easy breakfast ideas?

Read, at least, one book a month:
Now that the holiday season is officially over, it's time to stop the binge watching on Netflix. I've watched a ridiculous amount of Netflix in the last month. And now that work has started back it's time to get back into a routine. I've made a list of books I want to start reading! So more reading and less Netflix. 
Do you guys have any book suggestions? 

Limit, not eliminate, sugar and carbs:
I don't want to be cliche by making a diet a huge part of my New Years Resolutions. I hate diets and I never stick with them. However, I want to do little things to change my eating choices. Limiting my sugar and carb intake and becoming more conscious of my choices. I've tried eliminating sugar and carbs completely and it turned me into a hangry monster. So my resolution is to start slow and then maybe slowly wean myself off of it. I'm going to start by not buying anymore ice cream and no more pastas at dinners.
Do y'all have some not so dieting tips? 

Start saving money:
It has always been difficult for me to put aside money. If it wasn't saving up for a Disney World vacation, I had no desire to save money. It's horrible, I know. So what better resolution to add to my list! My dad told me of a great idea to saving money! So instead of spending $10 a day on lunch or coffee, take that $10 and put it in your savings account. Don't even think about it, just move it. And then you have $50 in your savings account each week and by the end of the month it's $200! And that's money that you were going to spend anyways. 
What are some ways you guys save your money? 

Spend less time on social media:
I guess this goes back to the whole binge watching part...This is a goal I've been trying to stick to for a while. I'm going to start putting my phone up at dinner and to not be on my phone while watching a movie, well like my resolution said, reading! I don't even notice how much time I spend on my phone until I've missed a whole TV show or something. 

Join a yoga studio:
I took yoga in college and I loved it! When I moved to Portland I had no motivation to go out and find a class to take. Since I still don't really know anyone here, I don't have anyone to go to yoga with. But I'm going to do my research and hopefully find a studio that I'll enjoy. 

What are your New Years Resolutions? I'd love to hear them!