January 3, 2016


Hello all and welcome!
I have always wanted to start a blog but didn't really seem to have the time for it. School, work, friends, family, something always seemed to get in the way. But now that I have graduated from college and no longer have to worry about homework and essays, I can finally share some exciting things with you!Also I have moved out of the South and made the trek out West. Living on the West Coast is totally different than living in North Carolina. No Lilly Pulitzer or big hair to been seen. So I guess that makes me unique, right? So I wanted to share how I'm surviving my cross country move and my experiences.

When thinking about what I wanted to focus my blog on, I had a really difficult time. How can I focus a whole blog on one theme, I love too many different things to focus on just one. So, because I am an overachiever, I decided to share many different things with y'all. Food, fashion, decor, travel, etc.
I'm really excited to dive in and share some exciting post and hopefully I can inspire y'all in some way!
So since it's October, I wanted to share some of my favorites for this month. Fall is my favorite season of the whole year. I love when the leaves change to reds and yellows and breaking out sweaters and boots. Sleeping in actual PJ's and not dying of a heatstroke. Drinking hot coffee/lattes and not looking like a crazy person. Also, all of the eating holidays are getting closer too. I mean, how can you not love Halloween, Thanksgiving, and duh Christmas. Break out the stretchy pants too girl!!
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Wearing: Fall means bundling up and getting comfy-cozy. I am a huge fan of layers and anything that I can just throw on and run out the door. I finally got to wear my favorite Patagonia fleece last weekend while exploring Cannon Beach and Seaside, OR. I got it on sale last summer and I wore it all the time last winter and I plan on wearing it all fall/winter long. I definitely want to get it in more colors because it is so soft!
Watching: I have been so obsessed with How To Get Away With Murder. It's an unhealthy obsession. I just started watching HTGAWM a couple of weeks ago and finished season 1 very very quickly, like embarrassingly quickly. If you haven't watched it, I highly recommend! Also I just started watching Gilmore Girls. I know I'm pretty late in the game..But its so good!
Eating: So since it's fall and all, I have been craving eating squash and lots of it. Anything warm and yummy please give me now. Check back soon because I have an amazing butternut squash recipe for you! I've also been eating a lot of steal cut oats and rolled oats. I'm going to share my morning routine with y'all soon and share a super easy way to make oatmeal the night before!
Exploring: So since I'm living somewhere completely new and have never been to prior to my move, Eli (my boyfriend who I moved here with) and I have been spending our weekends taking day trips to various towns and exploring! It has been so much fun to just get away and hike, walk around, and obviously eat (because I plan my day around meals). A few weekends ago we went up to Multnomah Falls which is about half and hour from our apartment. We hiked up to the very top of the falls and looked down and it was gorgeous. Let me just tell y'all, I hate hiking. I am not an outdoorsy person I have never been one to venture outside. So this is definitely something new for me. But I got lots of gorgeous pics!
Has anyone had a thing lately for ponchos? I have been wanting to get one so badly! I remember being in middle school and ponchos were totally the *thing*, I am so glad they've made a comeback for fall. I found this adorable one for $40 at Old Navy last week. I tried on a M/L and it was baggy but very comfy. Perfect to just throw on, especially with these white jeans and these similar booties!
Since we are still in the process of decorating out apartment, I have really been wanting a faux fur throw  for my living room and duh matching pillows. But one can dream of having the super lush super expensive ones from Pottery Barn. Let me know if you know of any steals!
Thanks for reading and have a great week!